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Life, for people who are grieving, will never be the same again.

They will struggle with moments of loneliness, sadness and even depression.

Your funeral condolences and sympathy messages can be the healing balm to someone’s heart, when they grieve the loss of a loved one.

It is a devastating and painful experience.

That is why well-wishers often convey messages about kindness, love, peace and compassion because these are well needed sentiments during this dark time.

Those Who Mourn Need Funeral Condolences

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When someone you love dies, it breaks you apart at your core – in your heart.

Grief can cause us to struggle with finding any semblance of hope, joy, or happiness.

We prefer the dark recesses of our bedroom, hidden behind closed doors or thick curtains. Sometimes, we put on a plastic smile that hides the despair hidden in our heart. It makes us lose the desire to pursue life, to eat, bathe or even get out of bed in the mornings.

Think about it – if they were close to the deceased and were each other’s main support system, this leaves a huge void in their life.

The attention and support that comes after the death of a family member is often temporary but mourners continue existing in their new “normal” of feeling empty.

All this being said, support and care from those around them need to continue, even after the first couple months. One way of expressing your feelings and care is by writing these sympathy messages.

Samples of the Perfect Funeral Condolences


It is important that you express how you are feeling. You can incorporate the deceased’s favorite poem, song lyrics, or bible passages.

You might struggle with saying the right thing, but know that your efforts can mean the world to that person.

Condolence Messages:

  1. I pray that you will have eternal comfort, peace and compassion to ease your sadness.
  2. My thoughts and prayers are continually with you. May you have peace beyond understanding and hope everlasting.
  3. May you have peace, strength, and kindness during your time of mourning.
  4. Wishing you lots of love and support during this difficult time.
  5. My prayers and thoughts are with you, always.
  6. May you have love, peace, and kindness in this season. My prayers are with you.
  7. Words cannot express the love and sympathy that we feel in this time. You are in my thoughts.
  8. May you have peace and know that our prayers and love are with you.
  9. Words cannot express the depths of sorrow we feel at the loss of such an angel. Know that you are continually in our thoughts and prayers.
  10. We stand with you during this difficult time and will continue to pray your strength.

Adding personalized touches will mean so much more, when you write sympathy messages.

  1. [Name of deceased] brought so much happiness into our lives. We will miss him dearly.
  2. There was no brighter star than [name of deceased].
  3. [Name of deceased] meant the world to our family and we will be praying for you and yours.
  4. How do we count the many ways that [name of deceased] has touched our lives? He/she was a wonderful person.
  5. We stand with you during this difficult time and remember [name of deceased]. We will continue to pray your strength.
  6. [Name of deceased] was a good example of a humble soul, a loyal friend and we will miss him always.
  7. There is so much we could say about [name of deceased], words would fail us. But we will love and miss her/him forever.
  8. I remember the time [name of deceased] taught me how to ride a bike. S/He was like a father/mother to me.
  9. Nothing will replace the love and memories that I have of [name of deceased]. Wishing you lots of love and peace.
  10. My heart bleeds for your family at the loss of [name of deceased]. S/he will be missed. Sending you my sincerest love.

More Writing Tips to Show Your Sympathy

Here are a few more tips for writing funeral condolences and sympathy messages. Fill your mind with love and tenderness as you compose your funeral condolences.

  1. Think about what they need to hear.
  2. Use words such as love, peace, blessings, hope, comfort, and joy.
  3. If you know a favorite author, poem or sonnet that will bring a smile, then add that special touch to your funeral flowers.
  4. If the deceased had a favorite lyric or saying, use it in the message. Remember, it should be appropriate.
  5. If necessary, have someone look it over.

Funerals, death, and grief are sad moments in life.

Your words will possibly be the spark of light in that person’s day. So let it shine bright with love.

An even better idea is to order a bouquet of funeral flowers that you can have sent to that person along with a sympathy message today.

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