Caring 101: This Course is for YOU, the Family/Friend Caregiver


12-hour training
4-week live class



In this comprehensive course, you will learn how to handle and care for yourself and your loved one who has been diagnosed with a terminal illness, and how to consciously deal with fears, worry and sadness around death and dying. It is separated into 4 modules: Preparing, Planning, Processing, and Possibilities.

Preparing: In this section, you will learn what to do when you or someone you love, first finds out about a terminal illness; How to cope with the life-changing news; What “end of life” means from a spiritual perspective; How to be present and make the best of life under the circumstances; What is expected as a Healing Advocate: setting up traditional and alternative medical and personal support systems; What is needed when accompanying loved one to doctors;  Galvanizing personal, emotional, and physical support teams: setting up community (village), organizing email/online update notification systems, scheduling food deliveries/volunteer opportunities, utilizing resources: online websites, referrals, reading materials, exclusive services: hair, nails, grooming, massage, and long term health care. 

Planning:  In this section we teach you about writing Advance Health/Medical Directives, as well as Spiritual & Death Directives; Creating a Celebration Gathering while still living; Creating a beautiful, Dying Experience that resonates with you and your dying wishes: selecting favorite music, food, smells, photos, and the people that you would like around you; How to write an Ethical will and leaving instructions for any funerals and future memorials.

Processing: In this section, you will learn how to find meaning and purpose; How to allow for humor through it all; How to stay calm and attain a sense of peace; How to set intentions of love and healing; How to explore deep inner dreams; How to release regret and forgive; How to surrender and learn the art of detachment; How to nurture the spirit and let go of the ego.

Possibilities: In this section, you will learn certain meditation techniques, along with guided visualization practices and tools to assist loved ones physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  We offer guidance in creating meaningful rituals; How to create healthy boundaries by empowering yourself by consciously choosing states of mind; How to prepare for the “end of life” experience, focusing on perhaps healing any childhood dynamics, making peace in the family.

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