BEing Human 101 – Deeper Dive Fundamentals


18-hour training
3-day course
Includes: Lunches and dinners, snacks, workbook, worksheets, inter-dynamic class with partnering & solo exercises.



BEing Human 101 – Deeper Dive Fundamentals is based on the premise that we are spiritual beings, having a human experience.  At one time or another, we will all face our death.  And that is the mystery of life.

This course is designed to examine how to effectively navigate and become inspired to manage your precious energy from a heart-driven place, traversing your life from discovering your place of purpose. We teach, and inter-dynamically examine, how to treat “your own human” with kindness, respect, regard and dignity, and love.  The ideal goal is to live your life with a peaceful sense of well-being, regardless of the ups and downs.

This intensive course is for those who wish to experience a life that allows for love and compassion to come forth, indulging in a journey, to enable you to reach and attain acceptance of the mysteries that are not quite understood, and cannot be seen with physical eyes.  This is a course where the time and place is reserved for an inspired sense of empowerment and fulfillment, to have a resolved awareness of living your life consciously by making THIS moment THE BEST moment possible.

BEing human is really all about yourself, looking at what drives you, and taking a deeper look at your emotions, your thoughts, your behaviors, your beliefs, your attitudes, and your perceptions.  We will also look at how to stop getting caught in other people’s dramas.  We delve into some key points in learning how to navigate and manage your ENERGY that effects your life and the lives of those around you.

This course is made up of 4 parts

Part I: The BEing Human Part 

This introductory part covers the fundamentals of the true meaning of being in a physical form, how to shift beliefs and perspectives that hold you back from living your life fully; how to be mindful of listening to your body’s signals, becoming more aware of your five senses from a very different perspective.  You will learn how to use your emotions as your barometer, recognizing how your thoughts become automatic patterned responses over the years but have ceased to serve you.  You will learn how to replace these patterned responses, achieving awareness, allowing you to self-modify and self-correct yourself.

Part II:  Taking Charge of What Charges You

In this part, we teach you how to be the eye of the storm when everything else seems to be spinning out of control; you will learn techniques how to de-charge, recharge, and replenish your energy to achieve a state of calm and well-being.

Part III: Taking the Pieces of Your Life and Transforming Them into a Life of Peace

This part encourages substantial release of your imagination to envision, dream up and manifest in words the life you want.  You will learn how to deal with the 4 levels of conscious, what those are, and why they matter.  We’ll dive deeper into the differences between intentions vs. expectations and the where and why for each.  This part strengthens your focus on planting thought seeds you want to see grow.

Part IV: Preparing for a Meaningful End of Life Experience

You will write your own Eulogy and how you wish to be remembered.  By expressing how you wish to be remembered, you can live your life towards those regards.  You can accept a different attitude of dying and use your imagination for any ritual, gathering, celebration, funeral service and any other type of ritual and celebration that you’d like to have at the end of your life.

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