My Life Re-Imagined 201 – Introduction to Conscious Dying


3 hours
Includes: Exercises, worksheets, guided visualizations & practice




Being human offers an opportunity to having a different consciousness about living and dying.  Once this aspect is achieved and we are thus conscious of what death and dying mean to us, we can truly be conscious of how to live life in the most positive way.  Living a conscious life through being conscious of death and dying, allows your imagination to release thoughts, dreams, ideas, desires into the end of your life and how it could be and how you may even want it to be.

In My Life Re-Imagined 201 Workshop we will explore the topic of conscious dying, what that means, and why it’s so important to living a conscious and fulfilling life.  We will examine and learn some things about how you can change your minds about fears that have long been stored in your imagination, to make peace with and change some of your thinking to your own sense of knowing, leading to thoughts that give you a sense of peace, all the way to the end of life.

We need 48 hours in advance of the class for registrations.


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