“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle”

– Albert Einstein

Shelley Whizin

About Shelley:


In her early 20’s, Shelley realized one day that she was intuitively endowed to empower others. She developed her power by using inspirational messages with the compassionate language of nurturing to build rapport in her professional relationships.  She soon expanded this innate talent and became certified as a Yoga teacher, continuing to empower individuals with her own brand of balancing the body, the mind, and the spirit.

In 1989, Shelley co-founded the Whizin Foundation, the Whizin Institute for Jewish Family Education, and Synagogue 2000 (S2K) – which is trans-denominational in scope and serves to reignite all essences of spiritual awareness in the synagogue, and continued to this day. As the years went on, her deep interest in the field of Jewish mysticism led Shelley to achieve her Bachelor’s degree in Jewish Studies from American Jewish University when she was in her 50’s.

Shelley also co-founded Here’s to Life Foundation, with Gene & Toni Bua – a foundation geared to help teens at risk through art and entertainment in 1999. Her dedication to uplift the human spirit produced two original award winning musical plays, touching the hearts of thousands of teens at risk throughout the greater Los Angeles area and having “Youth Suicide Awareness Day” proclaimed by the cities of Los Angeles and Burbank, California in 2001.

Studying the art of Shamanism and Eastern meditation inspired Shelley to found the Soul Diving Institute.  At the same time, Shelley continued her studies and became an Ordained Minister, End of Life Teacher & Guide, receiving certifications as an NLP Master, Results & Dream Builder Coach, Death Midwife, and National Trainer for The Twilight Brigade. She has trained hundreds of individuals to dive into their own notions of death and dying, preparing them to live life fully, so they are empowered to hold the space with compassion for others who are dying.

No incident, however, was more poignant then when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. This life-changing experience further illuminated a real-life understanding of how the power to consciously choose how to live one’s life, lies with choices and empowering decisions. To this day, Shelley is cancer-free.

Her healing from cancer, though, brought about a self-empowering decision, and Shelley became committed to deepening and expanding the scope of her purpose through working for the past ten years with unique Life Stewards, who have been life stewarding individuals for 7 generations across the continents. Shelley is achieving the fullest expansion of her own life’s purpose, and through her teachings at her Soul Diving Institute, she empowers others into seeing their lives through the eyes of healing and love, and to enjoy fulfillment of their lives until the very end. Shelley’s life is thus a continual mastery at helping people dive through the living and dying process in the way it was meant to be…with love, honor, dignity, regard, and peace.

Every day Shelley continues the expansion of her empowerment for others through the guidance of her Stewards. Her passion for living can be felt through the love and deep appreciation she has for her family, friends and students.

Shelley is a proud mother, and the grandmother of three beautiful grandchildren.


Shelley’s Mission/Intention

Shelley’s mission for the Soul Diving Institute and LoveLifeandBeyond.com is to provide unique guidance to individuals, family members and others who are going through the life to dying process of their loved one. Through her teachings Shelley provides the guidance for a journey that begins with the goal of reaching an ultimate state of peace, wellbeing and serenity, along with an acceptance of the human-spiritual relationship in the life to dying transition process. Her teachings provide the ways and means for a natural and gentle sense of closure to occur, offering an opportunity for the dying experience to be the best last days a family and their loved one can possibly share together.

Shelley’s personal mission is to hold the space for people to understand that being conscious of dying truly allows one to be conscious of living, here and now, and that being present in life is the greatest gift we can give to ourselves and others.

Her intention is to prepare families, individuals, caregivers, girlfriends, friends and loved ones to look at life, death and everything in between, from the heart and soul’s perspective, lighting up the human experience, so they ultimately attain a feeling of peace and calm, ease and grace, allowing for a sense of humor to be in every experience, always promoting honor, dignity and regard for each other as fellow human beings.

Shelley is committed to holding the greatest respect for each person she teaches and serves, to explore, discover and celebrate the fulfillment of the soul with a sense of love, healing and grace, empowering people to live deeper, more fulfilling, meaningful and joyful lives…all the way to the end of life.


Shelley’s Vision

Shelley’s vision is to see people everywhere in America talking about death and dying consciously, openly and freely, as a natural part of living, (the inevitable experience that we all will face one day), without anxiety or fear, bringing the topic of conversation into mainstream society in a way that people of all ages feel more comfortable.