While many people think sending flowers to a funeral is a modern idea, scientists studying one of the oldest burial sites in the world found that Iraqi citizens had used flowers in the burial. Today, people send flowers to let families know how much they care. You might also want to send flowers when you cannot attend a funeral. Additionally, many families choose a beautiful floral spray to lay on top of the casket. Consider the meaning behind the flowers. These funeral flowers are presented from the most expensive to the least although that can vary by where you live in the world and the season.

Main Funeral Flowers to Consider

There are many funeral flowers that you will want to consider. Although some funeral homes might provide the flower arrangements, you should also consider sending one from your part. Choosing the best flowers depends on the message that you want to send. Remember that many florists can combine more than one flower into a bouquet, so you may not need to limit yourself to just one idea.

1. Calla Lily

purple calla lily

White calla lilies are the most traditional funeral flower. These flowers have beautiful white flowers that many send to funerals because it makes them think of innocence. These flowers grow about two feet high on a rich green stem. The contrast between the white flower and the green stem is particularly stunning. While most calla lilies are about two feet tall, florists can often provide them in ranges from one to three feet tall. Those who would like to add a little color to funeral flowers can also find a variety of choices.

2. Roses

small pink roses

Roses are a woody perennial flower that many people associate with Valentine’s Day. They also make great funeral flowers. Do not overlook the possibility of using miniature roses. It is very easy to deliver different messages when you use roses. You can use white roses to invoke humility and innocence while pink roses signify respect and love for the family. Sending yellow roses is a way to show the family that you are standing with them. When you include a single rose in a bouquet of other flowers, you are showing the family that you will never forget their loved one.

3. Chrysanthemums

pink chrysanthemum as funeral flowers

Chrysanthemums are beautiful flowers with daisy-like blooms and a yellow center. They are a popular potted plant sent to funerals along cut flowers made into arrangements. It is important to consider the cultural background of the family before sending chrysanthemums. For people from China, Japan or Korea, these flowers are symbolic of sharing the family’s grief. In many European countries, they are symbolic of death. Across the United States, people often see them as hoping that the family soon experiences a better day. In Louisiana, this flower is seen as a great symbol of honor.

4. Carnations

two pink and white carnations

One can use carnations in funeral floral arrangements or by themselves. Regular carnations are two to three inches across on a one to a two-foot stem. Buyers of funeral flowers can deliver a variety of messages when they choose carnations. Red carnations are often shown as a sign of admiration for the person who has passed away while pink carnations are often chosen to show the family that you are thinking of them. White carnations can be used to show love or innocence. If the person’s loved one is sharing the flowers after the funeral, then this can be a great choice because they often last longer than other funeral flowers.

5. Gladioli

gladioli close-up image

Gladiolus are stunning flowers that florists can get up to four feet tall. Therefore, florists often incorporate them into the back of floral arrangements containing other flowers. By themselves, they are often seen in fan sprays setting on a stand near the casket. They also make beautiful casket sprays. These flowers symbolize the strength of character, sincerity and moral integrity. These flowers are available in a variety of colors including pastels pinks, blues, and yellows. A gladioli stem offers a long spiral of gorgeous little flowers. Many people prefer gladiolas if they intend to leave flowers at the cemetery because they lay on the ground very nicely.

6. Tulips

beautiful pink tulips

The star shape of tulips looks elegant with their one bright flower sitting on a bright green stem. Tulips are a sign of eternal hope. Therefore, they are often incorporated into various funeral arrangements. Choosing tulips of different colors can also deliver other messages. People perceive purple tulips as a sign of royalty, so they are often used to convey the idea of the importance of a person to your own life. White tulips show the idea of purity while red tulips exhibit the idea of true love. Many choose to send a tulip plant to the family’s home before the funeral as some consider them a little too bright for the formal setting.

7. Ivy

ivy leaves

The dark green color of ivy leaves is beautiful at a funeral especially when viewed among other flower arrangements. Different varieties of ivy have different shaped flowers. The vine symbolizes unbroken loyalty that even the grave cannot separate. When in bloom, the tiny white flowers can symbolize new life. Ivy plants are a thoughtful funeral plant that the grieving family can keep for years to come as a reminder of their loved one. It symbolizes friendship and affection. It can also deliver the message that you will always be loyal to the family being left behind.

There are many different funeral flowers. Choose the ones that will be most meaningful for the circumstances. Then, pick the colors that deliver the best message. Regardless of which you end up sending, know that the family will appreciate your kind thoughts. If you are a florist, then we would love to hear your personal opinions. Alternatively, if you have seen funeral flowers that are very well done, please share with us about them.

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