My Life Re-Imagined 101 Workshop – Introduction to Conscious Living


3 hours
Includes: Exercises, worksheets, guided visualizations & practice




In BEing human, we often have grown into adulthood with all the “no’s, don’ts and restrictions,” engrained.  We may have even forgotten how to dream, or even remember that we can for that matter.  Since everything in life is first made up in our imaginations: our thoughts, our dreams, our ideas, our desires, etc. which all manifest in a physical result, whether desired or not, our results depend on what thoughts we continually contemplate.

In My Life Reimagined 101 Workshop, we address how to fall in love with your imagination (again), the crucial link between your spiritual nature and your human experience in manifesting your lives.  We use the Spiritual GPS system, identifying where you are, and where you want to go, exploring how to bridge the gap to living the life you truly love living, with the ability to stand in your own space of empowerment, enabling you to hold the space for others to do the same.

We need 48 hours in advance of the class for registrations.


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