“While I thought that I was learning how to live, I have been learning how to die.”

– Leonard Da Vinci (1452-1519)


A variety of services and programs are offered to help you navigate through any life to dying/death experiences. You will be guided and supported by Shelley Whizin, our master Life to Dying Guide, Teacher and Trainer.

All services are especially designed for individual needs. Contact Shelley at: support@lovelifeandbeyond.com for a Free Consultation, available upon request with no obligation to find out what program is right for you.

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Life to Dying Individual and Family Guidance

We have created several programs providing information that is helpful when facing a terminal illness diagnosis. Shelley will consult with you to determine which program is right for you and for your family with no obligation.

Assistance in Creating Solemn/Beautiful/Fun/Life-giving Farewell Gatherings & Sacred End-of-Life Experiences

We assist you in creating a memorable experience by working within your beliefs, culture, traditions and imagination in creating a gathering that is respectful, loving and healing, honoring your loved ones, while they are still living, with the highest regard.  

Assistance with Writing Eulogies

Finding the words your heart wants to express is sometimes blocked by the emotional upheaval you experience when losing someone you love.  We help you find the words, capturing the essence you want to convey of your departed loved one.

Assistance in Producing a Video Montage of Your Loved One

Assisting you in honoring your loved one by creating a video montage makes your loved one feel very special.  If he/she was a veteran, we will guide you in how to find out if he/she received any military citations or medals during their service and how to obtain them.

Structured Guidance in Creating Funerals, Memorials, Celebrations of Life

With our experience, we embrace your ideas and concepts that reflect your family’s values to assure that your funeral/service/celebration of life ceremony will be the most beautiful experience possible, honorable, meaningful and gentle on the family.

Officiant for Funerals, Memorials, Celebrations of Life & Weddings Ceremonies

As an Ordained Minister, Shelley Whizin can serve as your Officiant, to personally create your memorable event.

Free Consultation

Navigating through the mire of emotions during the time that your loved one has a terminal illness or is dying can be quite confusing and stressful. We invite you to set up a Free Consultation with Shelley Whizin to explore the concerns you are facing that would require immediate attention. Shelley will help you with recommending the precise program that will answer your needs. She is also available post program for additional questions.

All services are especially designed for individual needs.  Contact Shelley at: support@lovelifeandbeyond.com for a Free Consultation, available upon request with no obligation, to find out what program is right for you or fill out the form below. Shelley will get back to you, as soon as possible.

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